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Birthdate:Jan 7
Location:West Virginia, United States of America
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About Me

Name: Selena Barton
Age: 32
Types of Music I Enjoy: Pretty much any kind except 'gangster rap' or anything discriminatory.
Types of Writing I Do: Angst, Smut, Romance, Introspective, Yaoi, Yuri, Het, Triad; Original and Fanfiction

Animal: Tiger, Wolf
Anime: Ai no Kusabi, Get Backers, Gravitation, Gundam Wing
Browser: Google Chrome
Colors: Blue, Purple, Black (Don't ask why my colors describe a bruise; I don't know.)
Foods: Strawberries, Spaghetti, Chocolate!!
Graphic Editor: Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Game: Final Fantasy X-2
Game System: Play Station 2
Manga: Fake

My Favorite Pairings
In no particular order:
Heero x Duo
Trowa x Quatre
Dee x Ryo
Drake x JJ
Domeki x Watanuki
Kyoya x Tamaki
Eiri x Shuichi
Ban x Ginji
Nowaki x Hiroki
Iason x Riki
Zoro x Sanji
Sherlock Holmes x John Watson
Jared x Jenson
Clint Barton x Phil Coulson
Tony Stark x Steve Rogers

For the most part, I run on a friend me, and I friend back if we have similar interests. I do not unfriend someone just because they unfriend me or don't friend me back. I have only done removals for people that don't seem to be posting at all in ages or we don't seem to have anything in common.

My Sites

In the process of being resurrected somewhere else since Geocities closed that down.

Original Works

My Photobuckets
Just for Stuff I share through LJ. Most things left here are for someone or aren't for mass use. Just sharing.
Graphics for mass consumption. This is where a large chunk of my graphics are.

Pairings Bar:
01. Cardcaptors: Yuki x Touya
02. Ai no Kusabi: Iason x Riki
03. Gravitation: Eiri x Shuichi
04. Ouran High School Host Club: Kauro x Hikaru
05. Getbackers: Ban x Ginji
06. Black Lagoon: Rock x Revy
07. Fake: Dee x Ryo (Manga)
08. One Piece: Zoro x Sanji ('Snow Tales' Circle: Jikan no Mondai)
09. xxxHolic: Domeki x Watanuki ('Help!' by Aoiki Kanato)
10. Gundam Wing: Heero x Duo ('Christmas no Chikai Hi' by Minori Sagawa)
11. Junjou Romantica: Nowaki x Hiroki (Manga)
12. Naruto: Sasuke x Naruto ('Small beasts of the forest' by Twinge)

Header Credits:
Junjou Romantica Manga Page 178
Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi – Blind Fight by K. Haruka Page 19
Getbackers Manga Volume 02 Page 51
Naruto Doujinshi – Katakoi Hen Part 6 by Kawana Mario Page 113
One Piece Doujinshi – AP The Best of Saruya Hachi #2 – White Locked – Room Solution Page 177
Gundam 00 Doujinshi – Touchstone by Arina Toshimi Page 14
Gundam Wing (1+2) Doujinshi – Garasu no Tsuki by Natsuo Kume Volume 1 Page 24
Ai no Kusabi
Ouran High School Host Club
Vampire Knight
Fake Manga Volume 6 Page 95
Gundam Wing (3x4) Doujinshi – Baby Pink by
Words: GetBackers Manga Volume 02 Page 59

Other Stuff

"If you talk to the animals, they will talk with you, and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them, you will not know them, and what you do not know you will fear. What one fears, one destroys." - Chief Dan George

"When it comes time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home." - Chief Aupumut, Mohican

"A wee child toddling in a wonder world, I prefer to their dogma my excursions into the natural gardens where the voice of the Great Spirit is heard in the twittering of birds, the rippling of mighty waters, and the sweet breathing of flowers. If this is Paganism, then at present, at least, I am a Pagan." - Zitkala-Sa

"If the white man wants to live in peace with the Indian, he can live in peace....Treat all men alike. Give them all the same law. Give them all an even chance to live and grow. All men were made by the same Great Spirit Chief. They are all brothers. The Earth is the mother of all people, and all people should have equal rights upon it....Let me be a free man, free to travel, free to stop, free to work, free to trade....where I choose my own teachers, free to follow the religion of my fathers, free to think and talk and act for myself, and I will obey every law, or submit to the penalty." - Chief Joseph, Nez Perces'

"I am a red man. If the Great Spirit had desired me to be a white man he would have made me so in the first place. He put in your heart certain wishes and plans, in my heart he put other and different desires. Each man is good in his sight. It is not necessary for Eagles to be Crows. We are poor..but we are free. No white man controls our footsteps. If we must die...we die defending our rights." - Sitting Bull

"Once I was in Victoria, and I saw a very large house. They told me it was a bank and that the white men place their money there to be taken care of, and that by and by they got it back with interest. We are Indians and we have no such bank; but when we have plenty of money or blankets, we give them away to other chiefs and people, and by and by they return them with interest, and our hearts feel good. Our way of giving is our bank." - Chief Maquinna, Nootka

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